Freedom Flask

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Quick Overview

  • Holds up to 32oz of your favorite beverage
  • Easy to conceal - fits under your clothes
  • 40 inch nylon belt with secure-lock buckle
  • Great for any type of social event
  • Pays for itself on the first use
  • Simple to use
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Leakproof
  • Made in the U.S.A.


Freedom Flask® is hands down the best flask money can buy. It's hidden. It's comfortable. It's leakproof.

This flask is worn around your waist and underneath your pants which allows you to take your booze anywhere you chooze.

Our patented design uses gravity to funnel your booze directly into the leakproof nozzle to ensure easy and convenient access until every drop has been consumed and your flask is empty.

Freedom Flask® literally pays for itself the first time you use it and you can reuse it over and over.


Freedom Flask®
  • Freedom Flask®
  • Flask – made out of flexible, heavy duty 20 mil vinyl that is easily  rinsed out after every use
  • Belt – 42” nylon belt with stitched ends (extensions available)
  • Buckle – premium side release buckle stays shut
  • Threaded Drain Valve – leak-proof medical grade twist valve positioned  in the center of curved bottom edge for effortless use and maximum  efficiency
  • Fill valve – leak-proof medical grade valve is wide enough to fit  virtually any bottleneck inside without spilling any of the precious  contents
  • Curved Bottom Edge – simple, yet highly effective shape uses gravity  to effortlessly pull every last drop out of flask and into your cup
  • Freedom Flask® Chica